Loose ends

Today I focused all of my crochet energy on weaving in ends.

Having come to a decision about what I would not make for this year’s state fair entry, I needed to contemplate what I would make, and weaving in ends of the projects I have that are in need of having ends woven seemed a good way to both get something done and ruminate about my as yet undetermined state fair project.

I started by collecting the tools I would need:

A small pair of sharp scissors and my beloved bent-tipped Clover yarn needle

Then I sat down with the scrap stash bag I began work on two weeks ago. I finished the crochet portion of the project yesterday which left me with this:

One side of my multi-color scrap stash bag with ends waiting to be woven in

and this:

The other side of my multi-color scrap stash bag with ends waiting to be woven in

With my sharp scissors and trusty bent-tipped needle, I got to work. By 2:30 this afternoon, I had finished weaving in all of the ends:

One side of my multi-color scrap stash bag with all ends woven in

on both sides:

The other side of my multi-color scrap stash bag with all ends woven in

Then I filled the newly completed bag with yarn:

My newest stash bag filled with balls of yarn

Having finished weaving in all of the ends of the scrap stash bag, I decided to harness the weaving in ends mojo and work on my great-granny square. Here it is before I got to ply my magic Clover yarn needle:

My great-granny square before I wove in ends and the storm clouds moved in

After ninety minutes of concentrated effort, I had made measurable progress, but still had plenty of work to do:

My great-granny square after I had woven in some of the ends and the storm clouds had moved in

The storm clouds that had been threatening rain made good on the threat, and shortly after dinner, the power at my house went out. While I didn’t get done any of the crochet I anticipated doing after dinner, I did, at least, find refuge (and free wi-fi) in the clean well-lighted place that is the McDonald’s near my home while tracking the Progress Energy outage report.

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5 thoughts on “Loose ends

  1. This is awesome, Leslie. Love the bag, love the fact that you know what’s in it even from across the room. It seems all of your bags are color coordinated with the yarn inside. It’s delightful.

  2. I’m sold! I need me one of those needles, I am sure I saw them at my LYS, if not I will brave the exchange rate and order online.

    The bag once the ends were weaved in looks amazing and such a beautiful bag to put all the odd balls of yarn in.

    Your stash granny square is awesome, it’s what I want for in the boot of my car as an “oops should have bought a blanket with me”.

  3. Hi, its Bachan from ravelry.com. I found your blog and been reading it all weekend. Well done on your sewing efforts but I would have just lined it and not bothered with sewing in ends. Great colours too…

  4. … except if you love it to weave all ends at the end of your work :-)…why don’t you weave in all ends while crocheting?? by the color/yarn change?

  5. The bag is beautiful.

    Thanks for the tip on the fair. I passed the info on to my Mom and she’s contacting some friends to round them up to attend with her this year.

    I have never tried the bent needles. I have wondered about them.

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