Living the to go life

Today, while I was on the second leg of many legs of errands to be run, I stopped in at Bean Traders, one of my favorite coffee shops.


I placed my order, and then the cashier asked me “Is it for here or to go?”

“To go,” I told her, “I’m living the to-go life today.” I got my cup of life giving coffee, went on my way, and ran even more errands.

So it was with some relief when I pulled into my driveway shortly after noon and got a chance to eat some lunch and sit down with my crochet.

My first order of business was to attempt to address the floppiness of the sides of the crochet lunchbox-to-be and pull in the top edge of the bottom.

Using a combination of slip stitches and a stitch I refer to as “Annie’s stitch” after a young woman I taught to crochet created this stitch thinking she was making a single crochet, I finally got the edges reinforced:

A view from the side after the edges are reinforced
A view from the side after the edges are reinforced

I then tried a couple of things to attempt to join the lid of the crochet lunchbox to the bottom of the crochet lunchbox.

None of my efforts went well, so I set that lunchbox aside and got out a double stranded Dippity Dots crochet lunchbox effort that I had started work on.

After crocheting and frogging and recrocheting several times because of too many or not enough stitches, I finally finished the base:

The base of a future dippity dots lunchbox
The base of a future dippity dots lunchbox

Tomorrow, as today, I will again be living the to-go life, but one of these days I will crack the code for this project and when I am on my various travels, I will have the perfect lunchbox to see me through.

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