Leo the lion

The release of the new Apple operating system (OS X Lion, aka OS 10.7) is a much anticipated event for the early adopters at my house which means everyone except me and the cat has been looking forward to this for quite awhile.

Still, I try to be a good sport and participate to the degree that I can, so when I was about three-quarters of the way through the day’s errands and found myself at a trumpet lesson with 45 uninterrupted minutes of time to work on my crochet, I took out my copy of Vanna’s Choice Easy Crochet Critters from Leisure Arts, a 4.25 mm hook, and some Red Heart Super Saver gold, and got to work making the amigurumi lion featured on page 24 to both commemorate the release of the operating system and add another amigurumi to the total I will be sending to UCDavis Medical Center.

I managed to get to the 17th round before it was time pack up and head to the last round of errands that awaited, but eventually I found my way home and got myself and my project situated on the back deck to work by the late (very late) afternoon light. The mosquitoes had not yet started to feed when I finished the body of the lion, added the facial features, and stuffed it:

Leo, the lion-to-be sans mane, ears, tail, and paws

The next step was to add the mane. If I had it to do over, I would have added the mane before I stuffed the little critter as there would have been more play in the front loop used to attach the mane. As it was, I had to work harder than I like to get the hook through the designated loops, but with enough determination and time, I was able to get it done:

Leo gets a mane

At this point, the mosquitoes were beginning their nightly repast, and my ankles were the featured appetizer. Nevertheless, I persisted and got the ears done:

Leo gets some ears

To the mosquitoes delight, I stayed outside to take advantage of the waning daylight as I worked on the remainder of the pieces needed. By dusk, the mosquitoes had gotten their entrée, and the lion had his paws:

Leo the lion complete with feet

I don’t know what to expect with the new operating system. I am sure that like most change it will really annoy me at first, but if it is half as wonderful as Leo, it will be worth it. Eventually.

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3 thoughts on “Leo the lion

  1. Can’t wait for the new release, we are all waiting in great anticipation!

    Lion is too cute even as just a head! But the rest just add extra cuteness

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