Just in time

That pretty much describes my entire day.

I knew before I got up this morning that I would need my luck to hold to get done everything on my list, and I was lucky; my luck held.

The first hurdle I faced was this:

the time vortex in front of my house
The time vortex that runs from my porch to my car

It looks like an ordinary walkway, the sort you might encounter anywhere, but, in fact, it is a time vortex. Before my son graduated from the Raleigh Boychoir and I had to take him to his choir rehearsals, I routinely lost 15 minutes when I traversed this path, so it was with some trepidation that I set foot on it this morning, as I needed to get my mom to an appointment.

I estimated that I had just enough time to drive to the coffee shop near her house, get a cappuccino if time permitted (it did, thank goodness!), and then pick her up get her to her appointment, and for once, my time estimate was right, and I got her to her appointment with 4 minutes to spare.

While I waited, I got to work on the spiky beanie hats I am working in orange and black as they are intended for a grandfather/grandson duo who are both San Francisco Giants fans.

My work did not go quickly, but my mother’s appointment did, and before I could finish either hat, it was once again time to hit the road. Two-and-a-half hours of errands later, I arrived home and resumed work.

Everything was taking me more time than I anticipated, but then around five o’clock, I finally finished one hat, and in relatively short order, I finished the second:

spiky crochet beanies crochet hats
Two nearly completed spiky crochet beanies

Well, almost finished as I do have a few ends still to weave in:

crochet beanies with ends to weave in
Ends to be woven in on the two nearly completed spiky crochet beanies

Then, before I set down my hooks for the day, I used some Red Heart Super Saver medium purple and managed to eke out this one small textured square for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project so that I would be making at least one small bit of forward progress on the piece:

small textured crochet square
One small textured crochet square for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project

I don’t know what adventures await me tomorrow, but hopefully, I will successfully dodge any time vortexes in my path and get done what I need to, just in time.

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