Josef Albers meets Elle Woods

Sometimes errands can be put off until another day and sometimes they cannot.

Today I had an errand that fell into the latter category, so in a moment when I found myself in errand limbo, I pulled the Josef Albers inspired scarf I have been working on from my bag, got out my beloved Clover bent-tipped yarn needle, and set to work.

With an additional effort made later in the day when the errands were but a distant memory, I found that I had attended to most of the ends as can be seen here:

The Josef Albers inspired scarf with nearly all the ends woven in

Pleased with the progress I had made weaving in ends, I set aside the yarn needle in favor of a crochet hook, and got to work on a hat that would coordinate with the scarf.

Using a hat pattern I had devised when I set out to replicate the hat worn by Elle Woods in the movie Legally Blonde:

Copycat of hat Elle wears to rescue Paulette's dog

Here is what I came up with:

Hat to coordinate with the Josef Albers inspired scarf

Here is how it looked with the coordinating scarf:

Josef Albers inspired scarf and hat

and here is how the entire ensemble looked when assembled:

The scarf and hat with the jacket and gloves

I hope this ensemble finds its way to a child who not only needs these items, but who also likes the colors and the motif.

I know that for myself there is something both empowering and joyful about wearing clothes that I like, and that sense of satisfaction is what I want to share.

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5 thoughts on “Josef Albers meets Elle Woods

  1. WOW!!!! in the begining I didnot believe, as those are not “my” colors.(you understand, nothing personal) But now I am re-thinking;mmmmm Great work! A Little Person is going to be Blessed with Love. You are again an Inspiration, Thank You from Alabama…..

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