It was a gray and rainy day

Perfect for crocheting Viking helmets, which is exactly what I did.

Having finished the base of the helmets (here is the pattern I am using) with the bottom trim:

viking crochet helmet crochet hat
Two Viking crochet helmet bases

I began the work of crocheting the other elements that are needed to completely trick out this magnificent crochet helmet including these circles:

crochet circles on viking crochet helmets
with crochet circles

Four textured strips for each hat (three are pictured in the photos below):

crochet strips for the viking crochet helmet
and crochet strips

as well as the horns I had previously crocheted:

viking crochet helmets with crochet horns
and crochet horns

All that’s left is to crochet four horn bases and two horn strips to crochet, and then I will begin the business of assembling these helmets.

Thankfully,  a friend has lent me her crochet mojo for the day, and with the borrowed mojo and some determination, I have a good shot at finishing these hats by Thursday morning.

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