It was a dark and rainy day

It didn’t start out that way.

This morning, after I had gotten my son to school, eaten breakfast, and walked the dog, the weather was glorious, with nary a hint of the downpour that would later come.

Could (I wondered) all of the weather forecasters be mistaken?

It turns out no, they could not.

So while I able to get this photo of the two sides of the large Oreo cookie inspired pet mat for my neighbor’s dog Oreo this morning:

crochet pet mat
Where my crochet day began

Along with this photo that details the size:

large crochet circle
A thirty-two round crochet circle

By mid-afternoon, when I was tired of crocheting stitch after stitch in the same dark neutral color and wanted to switch to working on the six-petal flower shawl, it was very wet outside, and because of the formidable cloud cover, there was little light left to come streaming through windows:

six petal crochet flowers join as you go shawl
I ready the yarn for another row of flowers

Then, realizing from the numerous flood alerts that I got via my cellphone that the light today would not be getting any better than it was at that very moment, I got this photo of the two sides of the Oreo pet mat to be:

two large crochet circles for a crochet pet bed
Where my crochet day ended

By the time I get up tomorrow morning, the skies will have begun to clear, what is left of the rain should be more of a drizzle rather than the fierce torrents that were unleashed today, and I will continue my crochet adventure, one stitch at a time.

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