Inspiring me to greater things

Yesterday, it was my dog, Clooney; today, it was the plumbing in my house.

There is, as it turns out, a leak that needs the attention of a plumber, and I am apparently in good company, as there were no appointments available today, tomorrow, or Thursday.

So late this morning, while I would have preferred to to have been working on my crochet, I was instead tending to the drama that had unfolded in my garage.

After I had done as much as I could, I got out great granny square and set to work weaving in all of the remaining ends that were not in the last two rounds.

I continued my efforts during my son’s trumpet lesson, and again when we returned home from the lesson.

Like a woman on a mission, I would not let it rest, and then shortly before we headed out to dinner, all of the ends I had wanted to weave in before I once again began adding to the great granny square were woven in:

My great granny square with most of the ends woven in

Life can, at times, interrupt crochet, but ultimately, if I want to make the progress I hope to with my chosen craft, I need to keep focus on my work and have a good day — no matter what.

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