There is a school of thought that believes that not deciding is a decision in and of itself.

Sometimes, however, not deciding is exactly that: not deciding.

Such was the case for me, today, and as a result, I did not get as much crochet done as I would have liked, but, despite far too much time spent deciding which color to use in which round, I did finish six granny squares for my Go-go granny dress-to-be before the sun set:

Six new squares for my go-go granny dress

After the sun had set, I put aside my work on the dress and turned my attention to the Babette-inspired permutation cat runner that I have been working on.

My goal was to get the second row laid out and joined.

After more than an hour, I completed the layout of second row, but the amount of time invested in determining where to put which square seemed too much.

After devising an elaborate system of checks and balances complete with obscure notations to guide my decisions, I set aside the careful and elaborate notes I had made and sorted through the pile of squares, laying them out in various configurations until I came up with something I found visually pleasing.

Compared to the choosing of which square to put where, the joining itself was quick — only 15 minutes.

I am hopeful that tomorrow will bring with it, not only sunshine, but clarity.

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