In which I get caught in a vortex of errands

I knew there was no avoiding errands today, but I did not realize the extent to which they were unavoidable.

It turned out that when I left my house I had entered an errand vortex that would take me to hither and yon and back again.

At one point, it wasn’t even clear that I would have anything to blog about other than how I didn’t get a single stitch of crochet done, but then a brief window of time presented itself. I quickly to pulled out my 4.5 mm hook and, using my beloved Red Heart Super Saver, took hook to yarn and tried this pattern from Lion Brand Yarns:

Crochet star pattern from Lion Brand® Yarn

Using the directions I found here, I made the following stars from Red Heart Super Saver cherry red:

red crochet granny star
A red granny star

soft white:

white crochet granny star
A white crochet granny star

and blue:

blue crochet granny star
A blue crochet granny star

And here are the three stars seen together:

red, white, and blue crochet stars
Three granny stars, all in a row

As I made the three stars pictures above, I thought it would be interesting to experiment with variations on the pattern and came up with the three-round star seen in between the two four-round stars:

three crochet stars
Variation on a crochet theme

I’m not certain the color changes work, but I do like the three-round star and think that a garland composed of three-round white stars placed in between larger four-round blue and red stars would make a wonderful Fourth of July holiday decoration or could, perhaps, be used to cordon off all time vortexes to warn the unsuspecting before they step too close.

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4 thoughts on “In which I get caught in a vortex of errands

  1. heading off to Jersey to celebrate anniversaries with cousins… we’re both married 38 years this year! Enjoy the 4th and I adore your banner idea!!!!

  2. I am self employed and sometimes it feels like all I do is run errands! But when I am finally home – my reward is to pull out my project and crochet a while! Perfect finish to the day!

    I love your stars and what great inspiration to us all! Thanks…

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