In which I finally finish my color study poncho

This year with just one week left until Christmas day, I found that I was wildly unprepared for the holiday, and as the sun rose on Friday morning, I decided that I really needed to do something about that.

I had ordered a few gifts for friends, and all of them live far enough away that the gifts needed to be wrapped, packaged, and then mailed, and since one of my gifts to myself is to get my crochet office in some semblance of order, sending off the gifts that had been accumulating in my crochet office was a top priority.

While I was busy wrapping presents and attempting to bring order to the chaos of my office, I came across this shawl/scarf that I had completed for my mother’s long lost cousin, Bosa:

crochet flower shawl
A crochet flower shawl/scarf for Bosa

It was already to go except for a festive envelope in which I could send it.

Fortunately for me, the post office also has a selection shipping products so while I was in line waiting my turn to send off the things I had packed up and ready to go, I spied this decorative envelope:

decorative mailing envelope
A mailing envelope for Bosa’s scarf

It was so close to perfect, I couldn’t pass it up, but there was a bit too much neutral in it for me, so today, I took indelible marking pen to decorative shipping envelope, and almost had it ready to use shortly before sunset:

decorated decorative mailing envelope
I begin tricking out the envelope for Bosa’s scarf

Fortunately, Friday’s effort to clean my office and prepare for the holiday was sufficiently successful that yesterday and today I was able to complete the color study poncho, finishing the outer edge and neckline with a simple slip stitch, and weaving in and trimming the resulting ends.

Here is the designated front of the poncho:

color study crochet poncho
The front of my completed color study poncho

and here is the designated back of the poncho:

color study crochet poncho
The back of my completed color study poncho

They are (except for the color), exactly the same.

As for what I will work on next, I am certain that in cleaning my office I will discover a number of as-yet-to-be completed projects just waiting for me to make them whole.

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4 thoughts on “In which I finally finish my color study poncho

  1. What a clever idea to add your own decorative elements to the mailing envelope! I never would have thought of such a thing.

    The poncho turned out lovely. I especially like the square with the dark purple on the outside.

  2. Am I correct in “seeing” 16 different colors, each used once for the center and once for the perimeter? (I cannot tell the difference between the two red and the two turquoise/aqua centers, but assume they might be matching the two different shades of each color on the outside. Did you just try out all kinds of combinations until you liked them well enough? It does seem that the front is brighter and the back has a more muted palette overall.

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