If blankets crocheted themselves

For me, today was very near to perfect, despite my having gotten up before dawn.

As I walked with my son to the bus stop, the warm, moist air was very welcome; after a week of temperatures that had not quite shaken off the winter, I was ready for a sign that summer was on the way.

By nine o’clock, I had all of my household chores attended to, and I went out to run a few nearby errands. Wanting to be supportive of the local yarn shop near my house, I went in empty handed (except for my purse) and walked out with the lone copy of the recently published and much talked about (at least in the circles I run in) Vogue Knitting Crochet, a 2012 Special Collector’s Edition which features any number of fun and fun-to-make items.

Happy with my recently completed purchase, I headed over the the bakery next door to get a cup of coffee and made it home with just enough time to walk my dog before a brief interlude of thunder and rain.

By then I was more than ready to get to work on the beach-blanket-to-be.

The project has, at times, seemed to go rather slowly, but today, the pace of the project seemed to match the pace of the day, and I added one square, then another, and then finally set my work aside midway through square C-2.

Here is a slideshow of my progress so far:

I am going to miss this project when it is done, but I will, no doubt, be ready for the next crochet adventure that awaits me.

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5 thoughts on “If blankets crocheted themselves

  1. That was very cool! Hooky eye candy in motion. Loved it:) Blanket is Awesome. Today is our 1 year marker 4/27/11

  2. that was very cool. I didn’t realize you put your squares together as you go along. what a good idea

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