I work on the second iteration of my permutations

For me, crochet is not just a craft or a hobby, it is a transcendent experience.

I cannot explain in words what it is about the hook and yarn that so captivates me, I can only hope that the work I produce expresses, in someway, what I cannot.

As I documented yesterday, I completed all the permutations for my three-round Babette inspired granny square.

I finish the permutations for this configuration

Using 8 colors, taken two at time, and using the first color for the first two rounds, and the second color for the third round, I made 56 squares; no two of which were exactly alike.

In the second iteration, I used the same 8 colors (hot red, shocking pink, pumpkin, bright yellow, spring green, turqua, blue, and amethyst), again, taken two at a time, but for these squares, I used the first color for the first round, and the second color for the second and third rounds.

When I had sorted though the squares last night to prepare for the work I was going to do today, I was under the impression that I had made all of the squares I needed to make with the blue center, but when I laid them out for their group photo, I discovered that the square with the first round in blue and rounds two and three in amethyst had not been made.

My second set of permutations with one square missing

So, when I was ready to take the photo of today’s work, I only had 55 of the 56 squares needed to complete this iteration.

However, dusk was nearing, so I had to take the photo with the squares that were available.

Tomorrow, I will make the missing square and begin the process of determining how I will join the squares and what color I will use to do so.

My hope is that when this project is done, it will transport the viewer in much the same way the project has transported me.

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