I search for some crochet mojo

My 2012 North Carolina State Fair project hasn’t exactly stalled, but it isn’t coming together at the speed of my imagination.

I have begun the process of washing the completed squares (eighteen washed, dried, and ready for assembly, fifty-four — some of which have yet to be made — to go, along with 22 larger triangles and four small corner triangles in need of the same treatment), and today, after errands were run, I spent most of my crochet time making these three center squares (and weaving in the ends as I went):

multicolor textured crochet squares
Three new center crochet squares

and completing most of the work on this single, mutli-color motif:

multicolor textured crochet motif
A newly completed multicolor crochet motif

With only 28 full working days between me and my deadline, and with tomorrow completely errand-free and Wednesday practically errand-free, I need to make sure that I use this stretch of time as wisely as possible.

To that end, I will keep errands to an absolute minimum, and start my crochet day by finishing up the many partially completed multi-color motifs in the hope that finishing them helps me to find the crochet mojo I so desperately seek.

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3 thoughts on “I search for some crochet mojo

  1. You can DO IT!! I was wondering what this year’s offering was going to be like and it’s wonderful! I haven’t been online much these past 6 weeks but that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about your annual prject and i am not disappointed. You are AWESOME.

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