I return to Knit One, Weave Too

I bought a couple of t-shirts yesterday at a gift shop at the Space Center in Huntsville. I wanted to make a headband that coordinated with one of the new t-shirts, but I had not brought a lot of yarn with me, and I did not have anything on me that would work, so today, I went to the yarn shop nearest my cousin’s home, the crochet-friendly local yarn shop of Edwardsville, Illinois, Knit One, Weave Two:

Knit One, Weave Too, Edwardsville, Illinois

The first yarn I noticed that was of interest was this mercerized cotton:

A skein of Fil Katia's Bombay yarn

I did not let the fact that it did not coordinate with the t-shirt in question deter me from purchasing it, but that meant I needed to continue looking for a yarn that would meet my immediate headban needs, and my efforts were eventually rewarded when I found this skein of a cotton/acrylic blend:

A skein of Kraemer Yarns Tatamy Tweed worsted
The t-shirt with which the Tatamy Tweed coordinates

With the yarn for the headband chosen, I still found one other yarn temptation: LOL:

LOL from Marks & Kattens

Made from acrylic and recycled PET bottles, this yarn is a bulky/chunky sort of yarn, perfect (I hope) for making my hostess a hyperbolic streamer.

Meanwhile, I have a few things I should do before the sun rises and a new day begins.

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