I put Red Heart’s “Weekend Granny Throw” to the test

Last month when I attended the Chain Link conference in Greensboro, North Carolina, I bought these raffle tickets:

My lucky raffle tickets from Chain Link 2011 in Greensboro, North Carolina

and won this tote (courtesy of Red Heart Yarn):

My aptly named "Yarn Lover's Tote"

The tote contained Red Heart Super Saver Chunky yarn in soft white:

Red Heart Super Saver chunky soft white


Red Heart Super Saver chunky buff

and tea leaf:

Red Heart Super Saver chunky tea leaf

along with this 10.0 mm hook:

A Susan Bates 10.0 mm hook wiht a bamboo handle

and this pattern from Red Heart Yarns for this throw:

Weekend Granny Throw

After a nutritious breakfast and a strong cup of coffee, I set out to determine if this project could really be completed in a weekend, Armed with the tools and materials necessary for this crochet adventure, I set to work.

The first interesting thing I encountered was at the very start. The afghan is not a square, but is actually a subtle rectangle, so the center does not begin with the usual chain 4 join with a slip stitch, but instead begins with a chain 8. Following the directions you end up with a foundation for the center clusters that looks like this:

The foundation of the Weekend Granny Throw
I start work on the Weekend Granny Throw

I then proceeded following the directions until I had finished the first nine rounds:

The first nine rounds of the Weekend Granny Throw

Shortly after I finished the ninth round, I set aside my crochet and went to see George Clooney’s recent film, “The Ides of March.”

Tomorrow after lunch, I will pick up where I left off with this project, and see if I can get it done before the sun sets on this weekend and the weekend granny throw.

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7 thoughts on “I put Red Heart’s “Weekend Granny Throw” to the test

  1. That will be beautiful once it’s done. I also crochet and am curious to see if it really is a weekend project. My wkend projects always get side-tracked by either life or other projects that I just “have to” start! lol!! Good luck!

  2. The picture on the pattern doesn’t do the shape justice. Perhaps if they emphasized that it was triangular, more people would be interested in making it :). I look forward to seeing if it can be done in a weekend!

  3. Congrats again on winning the tote, and kit. The colors are gorgeous, I can’t wait to see the progress on it!

    How was the movie BTW?

  4. Thanks for explaining the beginning. I just bought the pattern, and started crocheting so I thought I was doing it wrong. Please post a pic of final project

  5. i finally got the yarn for this project and can’t even figure out Row 1!!!Can you help me with row 1 since you have completed yours. i keep running out of stitches and the last part “slip st in next ch-2 ch-1 spaces is confusing me. can you help?

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