I press the pause button

As my regular readers are aware, I am working on a boho heart mandala project that has bedeviled me for the past few weeks.

In between snow storms and ice thaws, I have worked to get it done, but nothing about the reality of the project is going as quickly as I imagine it will, so today, while I was beset with errands, I decided to set the mandala aside and switch out to something more portable and less temperamental — namely a new granny square bag.

Today a confluence of errands conspired to keep me on the road much of the day, so when I left for the second in a series of three major blocks of errands, I grabbed a 4.0 mm hook and a bag with a number of partial skeins of yarn so that I could get a start on some sturdy granny squares that could be used to make a bag.

After running what amounted to an errand within an errand, I finally arrived at a waiting room and with my trusty hook and yarn, I managed to begin work on the centers of seventeen future granny squares.

While I have not decided on a final layout, here is one possibility rendered from the seventeen granny square centers I completed on my travels:

granny squares for a crochet bag
A future granny square crochet bag

Tomorrow, I have many fewer errands, and I am hoping that this time spent away from the boho heart mandala will have generated some much needed finishing mojo.

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