I make modest progress on several projects

The past couple of days I have worked on a mish mash of pieces of various crochet projects.

With three bags-to-be waiting to be completed:

fabric lining for crochet purses
Three future granny square bags with their respective linings

I decided that I really should start working on the straps/handles, so that I could get them done.

I had a couple of ideas in my head of some “must have” elements, but I had been putting off starting work on them at all because I had not worked out all of the particulars. Yesterday, however, I realized that sometimes you just need to pick up your feet (or in this case, your hook), and start moving forward, and it was time for me to do just that.

Building on the Romanian point lace i cord skills I refreshed just last week I finished this length for the sangria colorway bag:

Romanian point lace crochet cord
A Romanian point lace i cord

and got a start on a length for the Scooby Doo inspired bag:

Romanian point lace crochet cord
I get a start on Romanian point lace crochet cord for my Scooby Doo inspired bag

With one element done for one of the bags, and a respectable start on an element for a second bag, I decided I probably should get back to the cookie scarf, and I was going to do exactly that, but then I got a little bit waylaid.

Sitting within arm’s reach of me was an assortment of tempting colors, and I thought it would be a good idea to solidify my newly perfect Lemonades™ inspired cookie in head and kinetic memory, so I made one more in Red Heart Super Saver rouge and Caron United fresh green:

crochet flower motif
A fanciful flower crochet cookie

With the fanciful crochet cookie done and 12 cookies ready to become a scarf:

thirteen crochet cookies for a crochet scarf
Twelve of the thirteen crochet cookies needed for the baker’s dozen crochet scarf

I got out the six colors I needed started work on 13th crochet cookie inspired by M&M’s:

M and M crochet cookie
An almost completed m&m inspired crochet cookie

I have a few more ends to weave and stitches to crochet before this cookie is done, but with each stitch, I get closer to finishing my first cookie scarf.

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