I hear from the yarn bomber known as Knitorious and complete all of the parts for the new lemur

It turns out that one way to get an answer is to ask a question, and if you ask the question on a public forum (like your blog) people might even help you find the answer, and if you are really lucky (as I was in the case of the Knitorious M.E.G.) the person your are inquiring about just might leave a comment at your blog!

I am still recovering from a driving intensive weekend and have four back-to-back days of unavoidable errands ahead of me before two errand-free days arrive, but by the time I got up this morning and was making a pot of coffee to help fuel me through the morning’s appointments, my friend and fellow crocheter, Andrea Walker, had sent me this link to wontonpower.com.

Errands not withstanding, it was shaping up to be a very good morning.

In an effort to harness the crochet mojo that was working for me, I grabbed my copy of Tamie Snow’s book “Tiny Yarn Animals,” my crochet hooks, three balls of Red Heart Super Saver yarn (aran, black, and gray heather) and headed out the door with my youngest son in tow to get him to his dental appointment.

While I waited for my son, I began to crochet the rest of the pieces for the lemur I am working on, and before I was called back for an update from the dentist, I had finished the crochet portion of both eyes,

The lemur-to-be with two eyes

as well as the two ears.

and two ears

I also got a substantial start on the tail which I finished later in the afternoon,

a tail

along with four paws.

and four paws

When I went to Richmond this weekend, I could not foresee how my adventures would unfold. My only goal was to get lunch at Louisiana Flair, a restaurant with the motto “Laizzez les bon temps roulez,” and indeed “les bon temps” did exactly that.

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