I get in a crochet joining groove (sort of)

This is the last photo of my previous blog post:

nine crochet cookie motifs
Nine nearly completed crochet cookie motifs

which, at the time, represented five days of work.

At the rate I was going, it did not seem to me that I could possibly make my October 14 deadline as I have some non-negotiable non-crochet commitments between now and then in addition to my non-negotiable crochet commitments.

I decided to see what, if anything could be done to streamline my assembly and joining process.

I started by weaving in all of the wayward ends that had accumulated in the process of joining the first nine motifs so that the nine nearly-done motifs were as completed as possible (the visible messy bits of yarn mark where cookies are to be joined):

crochet cookie motifs with ends woven in
Nine crochet cookie motifs with the ends woven in

From there, I planned another row of three motifs and documented them both photographically and in notes. While it was a bit cumbersome, it did reduce the time spent on each motif to under two hours.

a dozen crochet cookie motifs
I add another row of three motifs

Feeling a need to get the time per motif reduced even further, I made a few adjustments and was able to get the time per motif down to under 90 minutes:

sixteen cookie crochet motifs
Sixteen nearly completed cookie motifs

If I were able to work in “ideal” conditions, each motif could be completed in about an hour, but like everyone else on the planet, I live in a world that is filled with phone calls, door bells, after school meetings, and a host of unforeseen events which, by their nature, cannot be planned for.

But I know that just as with all of my state fair projects, in the last few hours I work on it, I will come to some revelation of how I could have done it all much more quickly, but unless and until I reach that desperate point, those insights will not reveal themselves to me.

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2 thoughts on “I get in a crochet joining groove (sort of)

  1. Oh… Wish I could send you my spare time. I would if I could. But I also know that it’s in the home stretch that you become the Master of Time.

    Sending you some mojo until then (;

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