I finish my stealth stash bag

While I am eager to make a decision about and move forward with my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project, there are several other smaller projects I would like to get done before I give myself over to what generally turns into a full-time endeavor with long days, and, when necessary, long nights.

One of those smaller projects is my most recent stash bag. Done in Red Heart Super Saver camouflage and medium thyme, it is meant to be a dual purpose bag.

First and foremost, it is meant to holds one’s stash. Second, but just as important, it is also meant to shield one’s stash (or current project) from prying eyes.

I started my morning today with coffee, breakfast, and a few household chores, but in short order, it was time to refresh my coffee, and get to work. I plodded along with the project, and shortly after lunch, I had completed the bag:

My stealth bag, ready to be stealthy

With the bag was done, I had to try it out.

First, I filled it with yarn in need of camouflage:

I fill the stealth stash bag with stash

Then, for purposes of documenting the project, I got this photo:

A view of my stealth stash bag from the side

Next, I decided to see how the bag looked in its natural habitat:

The stealth stash bag in the great outdoors

While it did not blend into the landscape as perfectly as did this turtle that ambled through my yard the other day:

A turtle wandering through my yard one morning

I thought the Red Heart Super Saver camouflage did a reasonably good job helping my stash to blend in with the natural flora of my yard.

My new stealth stash bag posing near some flora

I supposed, however, if I want this stash bag to work as well inside my house as it does outside, I just might have to crochet a camouflage sofa cozy.

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7 thoughts on “I finish my stealth stash bag

  1. Blending it in with the natural tones and colors of the family room might be useful. My bags seem to clash so I can find them when I am looking. Blending is usually not my goal.

  2. Love that comment that you are going to crochet a couch cozy! That is hysterical. But I wouldn’t put it past you.

    Your stash bag looks right at home in it’s natural habitat.

  3. Love this bag! And love the turtle, too. Both look right at home and in tune with the color scheme and style of this bag.

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