I finish my second road trip scarf and make progress on the caramel seafarer’s cap

Today I had more errands and house work to do than I would have liked, but at some point in the mid-afternoon, I had done all that I could do, and I set aside my dust rags, brooms, and vacuum and sat down with my two current projects.

First up was my second “Road Trip” scarf. The body of this worked up very fast, and it has a lovely drape, but the details that really make it special and personalize any given scarf do not come to me quickly, and so today, I spread out it out on a table in my freshly vacuumed home and arranged the flowers.

In less than an hours time, I had them all secured, and so I stepped outside into some lovely late afternoon — which comes much earlier now — light and got this photo:

crochet scarf with crochet flowers
My second road trip scarf, tricked out and ready to wear

With the “Road Trip” scarf now ready to wear, I turned my attention to my current Seafarer Cap project. The brim of the hat (which is worn turned up) is composed of 4 rows of slip stitch for every one row of half-double crochet which makes for a wonderfully snug and comfortably fitting hat.

It also makes for some s-l-o-w crochet, so while I made progress, I am not yet done:

caramel seafarer's crochet cap
Progress on the caramel colored seafarer’s cap

I plan on making several more of these hats because I know that with winter nearing they will get used, and with my munificent stash, I have plenty of colors to choose from and I should be able to make a rainbow of hats so that there are enough for anyone who needs one.

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