I continue work on a baby-sized cookieghan for Amelia

The baby for whom I am making the project I have labeled “Cookieghan 3.0” has arrived, so today, I focused like a laser on getting this project done.

Yesterday I had made substantial progress on the “every other square” squares.

Today, I finished crocheting all of them, wove in and trimmed the ends that needed to be woven in and trimmed, and had the outer “whip stitching” end ready to go for the assembly process which I hope will start tomorrow.

Here are the squares laid out as they will be for the baby-sized cookieghan:

pink crochet squares
I finish all of the every other crochet squares

With those squares completed, I then turned my attention to the cookies for the cookie squares. One of the changes I decided to make was to swap out the yellow frosted sugar cookies for green frosted sugar cookies:

crochet frosting
I decide to swap out yellow frosted cookies for green

To replace the now missing yellow, I added a Lemonades™ inspired crochet cookie (on the far right of the photo below, and I also added a peanut butter inspired cookie (featured on the far left):

bar graph of crochet cookies
An updated cookie bar graph with additions and revisions

Now that the Amelia is here and no doubt needs a cookieghan to call her own, I am going to do my best not to let the other various projects clamoring for my attention let me get sidetracked, and work to get this cookieghan done, one stitch at a time.

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2 thoughts on “I continue work on a baby-sized cookieghan for Amelia

  1. Great Idea, please tell me where you got the pattern or did you make it up yourself? I’m also curious as to how your going to join them and edge them. Please keep showing your progress!

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