I begin to get a handle on my future felted fat bag

Yesterday my mother had her much anticipated second cataract surgery, and it would seem, after today’s follow up appointment, that it went as well as the first.

I was ready for both yesterday and today, carefully planning my crochet so that I would have something portable at all times lest I run out of crochet projects to work on while I waited.

First up was the future felted fat bag:

My future felted fat bag in need of ends being woven in and trimmed

In need of ends being woven in and then trimmed, this is where I elected to begin my crochet day yesterday.

Once the ends were dispensed with, I got out my Red Heart Super Saver medium purple and made another piece of the border for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project:

A piece for the border of my 2012 state fair project

By this point, my mother’s surgery was done, and I took her home where she could continue her recovery.

Today, when the sun rose on one of the last four full days I have to work on future fat bag and the larger state fair piece, my mother had her first follow-up appointment for the surgery, and while her eye was examined and measurements were taken, I worked on yet another piece for the border which, in the bustle of the day, I forgot to photograph.

Once I got my mom home from today’s appointment, I set aside the other border piece, I went back to work on the future felted fat bag, gathering two of the ends:

I gather two ends of the future felted fat bag-to-be

crocheting six hyperbolic curlicues for a tassel:

Six hyperbolic curlicues

and getting an idea of how it would look when completed:

The future felted fat bag begins to take shape

Eventually, I had to make dinner, and my cat, Stripes, saw to it that no one (myself included) could mess with the future felted fat bag:

My guard cat, protecting my future fat bag from any potential mayhem

Over the next three days, I have to stay focused on what remains to be done for both projects, and if need be, I will take a moment to crochet myself some blinders so that I am not distracted from my goal.

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