I begin piecing together the future Tetrisghan

After yesterday’s piecing snafu, the first thing I did after I got my son off to school was to make a strong cup of coffee and all of the paper tetriminos I would need to plan the first of two 10 x 22 unit panels to work on the layout for the Tetrisghan.

Here is a photo of the planning aid with many of the pieces in place:

paper tetrominos
My new tetrisghan aid

Shortly after I took that photo, I finished the layout for the first panel and got to work with the actual joining of the crochet tetriminos and had gotten this far shortly before sunset:

tetris crochet blanket
The front of the Tetrisghan so far

As a result of the day’s piecing efforts my stash of ready-to-use previously crocheted tetriminos was reduced from this:

crochet squares, crochet tetrominos
Crochet tetrominos waiting to become a tetrisghan

to this:

crochet tetrominos
My supply of crochet tetrominos ready for assembly shrinks

I haven’t settled on exactly what I will work on tomorrow, but I could, I suppose start with weaving in a few of these ends:

crochet tetris blanket
The back of the Tetrisghan with ends to be woven in

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