I almost finish the body of the unfelted fat bag

Although I am now four days out from finishing my state fair project, I find that I am still trying to get caught up with some of the day-to-day activities I had pushed to the side for so many weeks.

So while I would have loved to have spent the entire day crocheting, I took the time to drive to Durham for a much needed appointment with the woman who cuts my hair. While I had been to have my bangs trimmed sometime this past September, my hair was fast approaching the point that it would become completely unruly.

But once I got myself to the oasis that is Sling Blades, in just under an hour my hair was transformed from disheveled and unruly to stylish and (at least until I wash it) styled.

I was ready to face any project, in this case, the unfelted fat bag.

Yesterday when my son was at his trumpet lesson, I finished the 19th of 24 rounds. Today, after crocheting whenever a moment presented itself, I made it to, but did not finish, the 23rd round:

I work on the penultimate round

I also completed the fifth of six curlicues that will be used to make the closure tassel:

Five of six curlicues for the tassel

Here is a group photo of all the pieces:

Of curlicues and planes

Tomorrow I have exactly one errand that must be run, and I plan to do that early in the day so that I can use the rest of my time to work out the details of this bag, so I can then begin the work of finishing this project’s felted cousin.

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