I add to my French Country pillow cover

At this point in what is known at my house as “the state fair season,” I feel compelled to focus most of my crochet efforts on my state fair project.

As my regular reader’s are aware, this year’s entry is based on a motif I have taken to calling the “Bauhaus quilt block.” Each block is composed of four squares and four rectangles, and I need to make 676 rectangles and 676 squares to make the completed project the size I want.

So this morning, after coffee, breakfast, and other household chores, I got out my LifeSavers® inspired stash bag and went straight to work crocheting rectangles and squares, one after another, after another.

I did this for what was left of the morning and when I was not vacuuming up cat fur and other necessary household chores, I continued at the pursuit of making squares and rectangles for most of the afternoon.

Then, shortly before it was time to make dinner when I felt I had amassed a sufficient number of pieces for my state fair project for the day, I allowed myself a little time to work on a round, granny-inspired piece that I began the other day.

The piece is most notable for the fact that I am working outside my color comfort zone using Red Heart Super Saver French Country, soft white, lemon, light blue, and delft. Today, when I got back to work on this piece, I began by adding a round of delft:

I complete a delft round for a future pillow cover

Then, after I had most of dinner in the oven, I had a moment to add another round of the French Country:

I complete a French Country round for a future pillow cover

I then rewarded myself for scrubbing vegetables with yet another round of crochet:

I complete a third round in soft white for a future pillow cover

and then, after having eaten all of my vegetables, I rewarded myself with still another round worked in the French Country:

Aother round of French Country added to the future pillow cover

Then, to my surprise and delight, a package was delivered to the house with something that while it is not crochet or fiber related is something I wanted very much and which coordinated quite well with the pillow cover I am working on:

An oven-safe round casserole from Le Creuset to go with my French Country pillow cover-to-be

Happy crocheting and bon appétit!

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  1. I’ve two in that size: a red and a green!! After 38 yrs of marriage I’ve en massed a rather good collection of Le Crueset!

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