Have dress, will travel

The last two days, I have been a peripatetic crocheter.

With a basket of yarn and projects in various states of undoneness packed into the back of my car, I traveled all over the county delivering my youngest son to his various obligations in various places, and when I had gotten him to his appointed rehearsal/performance/class, I waited. Sometimes patiently, sometimes not; always with my crochet at hand.

Despite having a number of undone projects to choose from, I focused on my go-go granny dress and got bits and pieces done: a dozen ends here, a dozen ends there, and then, about half-an-hour before his last performance of the weekend, there were no more ends to be woven in.

Both sleeves had just four ends remaining on one edge so that the sleeve could be joined to the dress at the shoulder,

The sleeves of my go-go granny dress-to-be with the ends woven in

and the front panel of the dress was ready to be joined to the back panel of the dress, which I did before the last concert of the weekend began.

The front panel of the future go-go granny joined to the back panel

Tomorrow, I have a lot of household chores to get caught up on, but I have no other obligations outside the house during the day.

My hope is that I will be able to use what time I do have for crafting to get this dress done, and then, I can move forward to the next thing.

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