Harnessing yesterday’s mojo

Today, I attempted to harness any leftover finishing-up-projects mojo that remained from yesterday, and channel that energy directly to the African Flower hexagon Mamy bag that has, for so many months, successfully resisted my efforts to complete it.

Despite the reluctance of the bag to be completed, I am, at long last beginning to near the end.

This morning, after I had finished two cups of coffee, I was ready to get started. Here is what the body of the bag looked like when my crochet day began:

crochet hexagon crochet bag
A before picture of my future crochet Mamy bag

The work did not go as quickly as yesterday’s hat. There were a number of ends to be woven in, and with each round I completed, there were two more, but, Clover bent-tipped needles at my side, I persisted, and before the sun set, this was the view of what will form the outside of the bag:

crochet hexagon crochet bag
An after picture of the front of my future crochet Mamy bag

and this is the view of what will become the interior of the bag:

crochet hexagon crochet tote
An after picture of the back of my future crochet Mamy bag

I am now just three hexagons shy of completing the body of the bag.

This bag, will, without a doubt, be ginormous. While ginormous might not technically be a word, it is the word that comes closest to accurately describing the proportions of this soon-to-be-completed bag.

Once I complete the three remaining hexagons and join all of the seams that remain to be joined, I will be faced with one final challenge: finding handles that not only fit, but capture and complement the essence of this bag.

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