Further explorations in the scrap aesthetic

In the wake of finishing a large project: in this instance, the beach blanket made/inspired by the Better Homes and Gardens Granny Square Sampler:

The completed Granny Square Sampler beach blanket

there can be (quite literally), a lot of loose ends to take care of. In an effort to tackle the project detritus that has accumulated, I identified this coffee table:

My messy coffee tablr

and this end table:

My messy end table

as the two areas where I would concentrate my clean-up efforts.

As I made my way up and down the stairs putting yarn away in the space available in the yarn annex and crochet empire, something became clear to me: it would be easier to crochet a new stash bag using some of the problem yarn and to then put what remained of it in the new stash bag than to continue going up and down the stairs trying to find space for the renegade yarn.

Wanting something that would work up quickly and make use of the yarn available in my living room, I decided to go with my favorite stash bag pattern from the purl bee.

Since I wanted it to work up quickly, I decided to make the bag using two strands of worsted weight yarn with the new Dreamz 8.0mm hook I had purchased in March.

I grabbed my as yet unused hook:

My new Dreamz 8.0mm hook

Set up my outdoor office:

My outdoor office, ready for work

and using one of my scrap balls of yarn and a partial skein of Red Heart Super Saver turqua that had graced my end table, I got to work, Before dinner, I had finished the base of the bag and begun to crochet the sides.

Here is a view of what will be the exterior of the bottom of the bag:

A view of the exterior of the bottom of the stash bag

and here is a view of what will be the interior of the bottom of the bag:

A view of the interior of the bottom of the stash bag

I had trouble deciding if I wanted the ends to be a decorative/textural element for the exterior or interior of the bag, but I finally settled on having the ends on the inside.

That way if I ever work my way though the stash that ends up in this bag, I will have a sturdy tote with a layer of insulation/padding that can protect groceries from the elements between the store and my pantry.

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2 thoughts on “Further explorations in the scrap aesthetic

  1. I LOVE THIS! I hadn’t seen a project yet that I would use a scrap yarn ball for, but you did it. I’m going to make a purse the same way you’ve done your basket…one strand of solid color and one of scrap yarn, with the ends on the inside. LOL Like a bag lined with a shag rug, but pretty outside too. THANK YOU!!!

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