Free Donut Day

Today was free donut day at Dunkin’ Donuts. Free, that is, if you bought a drink to go with it.

I decided to celebrate by making my own donut.

Working from a pattern I found at for a donut pincushion created by a woman known as Nevadamama, I made a pink-frosted, calorie-free pincushion donut:

crochet doughnut pincushion
Sideview of a crochet donut pincushion

crochet donut pincushion
Top view of a crochet donut pincushion

I had been wanting one ever since I ran across the pattern while looking for projects to include on my crochet bucket list.

After I had finished making the pincushion, my twelve-year-old and I decided to celebrate and indulge in the free donut offer at a Dunkin’ Donuts that opened near our house this past week.

In addition to the signs for the free donut offer, there were banners and streamers that could be easily seen from the street announcing the opening of a new store, and while business was brisk, the service was very quick, and in just minutes we were happily munching on the ├╝ber-delicious, high calorie treat.

This is a delightful project that takes about an hour if you are a generally experienced crocheter who hasn’t done one before. I think that if I were to make several in quick succession, I would probably be able to make them more quickly

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