Four more multi-color motifs

On Tuesday, we had some unexpected sunshine; I took advantage of the excellent light and crocheted these four center squares:

four textured crochet squares
The four completed textured crochet center squares

Today, we again had sunshine (although this time, not entirely unexpected), and after my errands were done, I got out my hook, my beloved Clover bent-tipped yarn needle, and a not insubstantial array of Red Heart yarn and worked to take those four center squares and turn them into four multi-color motifs.

I used as many of the already made rectangles and small squares (currently housed on the breakfast/crochet bar in my kitchen) as I could, but on occasion, I found it necessary to break into my yarn stash and crochet a new piece in a color not represented in the selection in my kitchen.

After three hours of work (which included walking the dog and getting a start on a tomato sauce for dinner), all four center squares had become completed (except for weaving in of ends) multi-color motifs:

four textured crochet motifs
The four center crochet squares transformed into four multicolor motifs

Tomorrow’s weather calls for showers in the afternoon, so I will plan to use my morning to work on more multi-color motifs, so I can put any sunshine the day has to offer to use.

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