Forty-nine cookies joined, 120 to go

The much anticipated break in the weather arrived today, and while the temperature was already 83ºF when I walked my dog, Clooney, this morning, the day’s high temperature did not reach triple digits.

By dinner, there was much thunder and the clouds had begun to gather:

gray skies
Gray skies over Raleigh, North Carolina

But earlier in the day, after the dog was walked and all necessary chores attended to, I picked up where I left off with the cookieghan and began the work of joining row three.

While the joining did not go as quickly as I might have wanted (does it ever?), it did go more quickly than it had the two previous days, and in what could only be described as crochet joining warp speed, I finished row three and made substantial progress on row four:

crochet cookies joined
I join another 23 crochet cookies to the cookieghan

Tomorrow we are due for rain most of the day which is, at it happens, the perfect sort of weather for weaving in ends, and I and the cookieghan will be ready.

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2 thoughts on “Forty-nine cookies joined, 120 to go

  1. IT actually looks like a box of cookies from my bakery memories of childhood. There was a rich heritage of baking and bakeries….
    Weather less humid and temps only in the 80s today… managed some time at a local beach while you made good use of crochet Mojo!

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