Errands, errands, and more errands

The past two days have been filled with more errands than I can count, and as much as I would have loved to have continued to put them off, I decided that I really needed to tend to them, so I did.

One of those errands (in the midst of many more) was to stop and get this:

mid-morning cappuccino
A mid-morning cappuccinio

Fortified with just enough caffeine and foam to keep me going and soothe my nerves, I finished my many varied and appointed rounds.

While it did feel good to get so many pressing errands done, this is all the crochet I have to show for myself:

A crochet hexagon inspired by the flag of Switzerland
A crochet hexagon inspired by the flag of Switzerland

It is lovely when I have more time to do more crochet, but sometimes, life intrudes, and I must set my hook and yarn aside to attend to what is in front of me.

Thursday we are due for rain, but tomorrow should be sunshine with intermittent clouds, and my plan is to enjoy a long, lazy day with my hook, my yarn, and my dog.

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