Early February flurries

While I was out running the last of the day’s errands, I found myself navigating not only the usual late afternoon traffic, but snow flurries as well.

As can be seen in the video, the flurries didn’t amount to much, and when they were over, there was no snow accumulation to be found, but it was a reminder that there are five-and-a-half weeks left until the official start of spring when we can expect winter to begin to loosen its grip.

In the meantime, I had spent most of the day’s crochet time working on winter gear.

I started by finishing up the earwarmer/headband I had blocked sometime last week. Uncertain how many flowers I wanted to use to trick it out, I settled on three and added two leaves, giving this winter gear, a bit of a spring time flair:

crochet ear warmer crochet headband with crochet flowers
A completed crochet earwarmer/headband

Then, I looked over the reworking of the Peter Max alpine hat that I had done yesterday.

Using a light, solid color, I had recrocheted the first sixteen rounds or so only to discover that the changes I had made was not exactly what was needed.

I did, however, learn enough to know what changes I would need to make to finish what remains of my first effort, and what changes I should have made to a select few of the first sixteen rounds.

With that knowledge firmly in my head, I frogged my solid trial run, and got back to the multi-color effort, adding two more rounds:

Peter Max alpine crochet hat
Progress on the Peter Max alpine hat

I am old enough to know that time passes way too fast, and that spring will be here before I know it, but in the meantime, I will, on occasion pine for the long, luxurious days of summer.

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