Dot to dot

This morning I woke up to sunshine and a lingering chill in the air from our recent touch of winter.

But once the dog had been walked and breakfast eaten, I got out the small, partially completed purse I am making that was inspired by a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme bag and which I will need once spring has arrived and I am no longer wearing coats that hold all of my dog walking gear for the aforementioned walk.

Yesterday I had added 7 decorative dots to the surface of the bag-to-be; today I added three more:

My Crunchwrap Supreme inspired bag fully decorated and ready to be assembled

With the decorative (and to my mind most important) elements done, I turned my attention to putting it all together. I decided that rather than simply joining the sides, I would crochet a modest gusset and then join the sides. After experimenting with two competing gusset designs, I finally settled on one:

One side of the bag after gussets are added and side seams are joined
The other side of the bag after gussets are added and side seams are joined

Using a reverse single crochet, I trimmed top edge of the purse with Red Heart Super Saver coffee, and then had to face the question of what to do for a strap.

I knew I wanted something fairly long; I also knew I wanted something cordlike. After a search of the internet using the search terms “crochet,” “cord,” and “pattern,” I found this i-cord like pattern from Suzie’s Stuff.

Using her directions, I was able to quickly make a durable cord of a fairly generous length which I then attached to the center of the gusset on either side of the bag:

One side of the bag after the handle and trim are added
The other side of the bag after the handle and trim are added

This bag is destined to be one of those things which despite it’s modest nature improves my life greatly. With a dedicated bag to carry my dog walking supplies (house key, cell phone, bags to pick up waste, treats to reinforce good behavior) I know that there will be days I wonder how I ever got along without it.

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5 thoughts on “Dot to dot

  1. sweet: it will be ever so handy on dog walks!!!
    sorry about the return to regular morning risings….. I still have until Monday before we must return to school..

  2. Score! Leslie, not only do I love the bag, but also the fact that you make it all sound so easy. I just know that many newbies to the world of crochet take heart from your blog.

  3. The coolest thing about crocheting (and knitting) for me is to think of something I need and then make it. My favourite host/hostess gifts are washcloths and/or coasters, regularly made whilst sitting and chatting with the hostess/host. I love your use of colour and Red Heart!

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