Desperately seeking yarn fairies to weave in ends

Now that it is officially fall, and now that fewer than three weeks separate me in time from the due date for my 2015 North Carolina State Fair entry deadline, I did my best to channel my inner “OMG this is due tomorrow at noon” panic and get more crochet done so that it isn’t quite so dire as the deadline gets even nearer.

Overall, I did pretty well.

Documenting my progress at Instagram, I crocheted one square, then another, and another. By the time the sun was ready to set on today, I had made measurable progress.

In addition to these eight four-round granny squares:

crochet squares granny squares
Eight four-round granny squares

I also crocheted these forty-eight three-round granny squares:

crochet squares granny squares
Forty-eight three-round granny squares

And now, I either need to get these ends woven in on my own, or bake some cookies to lure some yarn fairies with bent-tipped yarn needles to come to my house and do it for me.

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3 thoughts on “Desperately seeking yarn fairies to weave in ends

  1. I hope you know where you are going. I have not a first small idea of what might be this afghan.
    It is frustrating, but, in the other hand, that makes this journey very interesting.

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