Day 9: I finish my Cheerwine inspired stash bag

At this point in my organization efforts, I have two major challenges.

The first is creating storage for my myriad skeins of wayward yarn.

To that end this stash basket pattern found at the Purl bee has been an invaluable aid. While you might think that I have done so many of these that I could crochet them in my sleep, the truth is, I, like all other crocheters, must be awake to ply my craft, and stash bag 17 is what I worked on (and completed) today.

Inspired by this can of soda:

A can of Diet Cheerwine

(which I bought to go with a limited edition Cheerwine flavored Kreme doughnut from Krispy Kreme), I began work on my 17th stash bag this past Saturday using a J hook and Red Heart Super Saver burgundy yarn. By Sunday evening, I had gotten this far:

The bottom of my Cheerwine inspired stash bag

Sunday, however, took my crochet in other directions, and it was not until this morning that I was able to focus my efforts on completing this bag. Alternately using Red Heart Super Saver cherry red with the burgundy used for the base of the bag, I finished the bag before dinner,

My completed Cheerwine inspired stash bag

and filled it with some of my precious and irreplaceable vintage stash.

My Cheerwine inspired stash bag filled with vintage stash

As for my second major challenge in this organizing effort (completing unfinished objects aka UFOs), I will have to get back to that first thing tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Day 9: I finish my Cheerwine inspired stash bag

  1. The more you do of these stash bags, the more I feel the NEED to make at least one! But I store all my stash in clear shoe boxes at the top of my cupboard.

  2. If I count correctly (this is not so evident), you’ve 7 places yet to store these stash bags. And after?

    Love the last bags. The others are beautiful, but the three last are also funny. For the moment my favourite are the Krispy Kreme and the Mondrian bags.

  3. I just love this bag. Could you share the pattern? I would love to make a few of these. Thanks so much!

  4. Fantastic! I have this in my queue. Easy to hook? Also is the bottom worked in a traditional pinwheel or tunisian pinwheel? Love the interplay of color on your bag!

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