Day 6 of my Project Linus project

I haven’t had so little time to design and execute a project since I made what I refer to as “The twelve-day afghan” for the 2006 North Carolina State Fair:

My 2006 State Fair afghan

While I have fewer days, my effort for the Project Linus blanket challenge is only destined to be 40″x60″, so I am hopeful that I will get it done, with all of the bells and whistles I would like to include.

Today, I finished all of the bottom center panel, and all but a few stitches of the top center panel:

panels of single crochet
The top and bottom panels of the Project Linus crochet project

Here is how they looked with the “center” center panel:

three center crochet panels
The three center crochet panels

Once I had the top and bottom panels done, I focused most of my efforts on the side panels. There are a few crochet geegaws I would like to add to the finished project, I had to work to make sure that I did not allow myself to get sidetracked with working out the details of features I am not certain I will have time to include.

Here is how far I got with the side panels as sunset neared:

crochet side panels
The Project Linus crochet project with the side panels

I doubt that I will get to add everything I can think of to do, but I am hoping that the resulting blanket is one that can be treasured and brings joy and comfort to the recipient.

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