Day 5: Mondrian’s stash bag

One thing that has become clear to me over the last couple of days is that in order for me to get my crochet cubbies organized, I need to get the myriad skeins of yarn currently housed there dealt with in some fashion:

Renegade skeins of yarn in need of stash bags

so today, I continued work on stash bag 15.

As of yesterday, I had gotten this far:

Stash bag 15 redux

Today, after having pulled out a couple of rounds to redo them as the result of an inattention to some necessary increases, I finished the rounds necessary for the bottom of the bag and found myself wanting to do something a little different with this bag.

My first thought was to use a second color for the double crochet stitches in the pattern that repeats up the sides. I considered using Red Heart Super Saver turqua, but then it occurred to me that I would do well to go to one of my more successful color fallback positions, and with that, I got out my cherry red and bright yellow Red Heart Super Saver and set to work.

Whenever I have no particular ideas of my own, I turn to the work of others for inspiration and guidance. I love Mondrian’s work not only because it is generally awesome, but because I always have red, blue, and yellow yarn on hand.

I had been distracted by another project earlier in the day, but by the time this afternoon’s thunderstorm started up, I had finally begun to get some traction on the stash bag, and just after dinner and just before the sun set, I was able to get this view from the top:

A view from the top of Mondrian's stash bag

as well as this view from the side:

A view from the side of Mondrian's stash bag

This bag was a lot of fun to make and, I think it will be a great addition to my stash bag collection

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    1. @Lisa thank you! Love from Raleigh, NC! @Anastacia thank you. Hard to lose a bag that bright. 🙂

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