Day 29 in my countdown, or how I spent International Crochet Day 2010

I woke up, not entirely sure how I would meet my daily crochet quota and all of the day’s obligations, but with my H hook, my Clover chibi, and a small pair of sharp scissors at hand, I began the day making ever more circles and weaving in ever more ends.

To my surprise and relief, by the time the day had ended, I found that I managed to meet my crochet quota and all of the day’s obligations.

One of the day’s obligations was attending the inaugural meeting of a new chapter to be of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA).

In a room at the Southern Regional Durham library in Durham, North Carolina, more than a dozen of us met to discuss our crochet pasts, presents, and futures.

One crocheter in particular has a passion for thread crochet. The work she brought was extraordinary, and she has insight into the vagaries of variegated yarn that I have not come to in my own work, and she used it in ways I had not seen before.

Another crocheter has an affinity for green that Kermit the Frog would fully understand and appreciate. She embraces all the possibilities that the color has to offer, and manages to make them work together in unexpected ways.

Every crocheter had a story, and it was a pleasure to meet so many people who are just as immersed in their crochet as I am in mine; I am looking forward to going on a creative journey with them as we work to meet the guild’s goals of education, outreach, and charity.

It will, no doubt, be a very interesting journey:

crochet tiger, amigurumi tiger, crochetbug, knoxville, tennessee
Gratuitous photo of Boo-Boo the crochet tiger on a sculpture at Krutch Park in Knoxville, Tennesee

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