Day 21: of metrics and modern crochet

As I plow forward with my state fair project, I have a variety of ways to measure my progress.

Sometimes I count the number of rows completed.

As of this evening, I am now up to a total of 20 rows of squares joined, and of those 20 rows, 17 of the 19 attaching seams have been done. Here is how they look when laid out as neatly as I could get them:

crochet squares and crochet circles
An overview of my 2010 North Carolina State Fair crochet project

Here is a detail:

crochet squares crochet circles
A detail of my 2010 North Carolina State Fair crochet project

Sometimes I measure my progress by counting the number of squares I have made. So far, I have completed 668 of the 961 squares needed for the project.

And still other times, I determine my progress by the number of ends woven in. At this point I have woven in 2428 of the 3844 ends to be woven in.

By the first measure (rows completed), I am about 65% of the way through the project.

By the second measure (squares completed), I am nearing the 70% mark.

By the third measure (ends to be woven in), I am about 63% complete.

Any way I measure it, however, I still have a lot of work to do:

magic carpet crochet hilbert curve
The magic carpet view of my 2010 North Carolina State Fair crochet project

lacing join with crochet squares
Another detail of my 2010 North Carolina State Fair crochet project

In this speedy video of the episode of Spongebob Squarepants titled “Karate Star,” (available for your viewing pleasure immediately below this paragraph) our unlikely crochet hero, Squidward, is seen reading (at around 2:24) a book titled “Modern Crochet,” the cover of which features a basket filled with yarn and two knitting needles.

I certainly wish I could compress my crochet work as this episode has been compressed and get it done in one-half to one-third the normal time. Until then, however, I’ll have to crochet the old-fashioned way: in real time.

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  1. I love Spongebob. I think your patients is wonderful. I am trying to explain this concept to my 13 year old. K~

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