Day 11: I finish Dot the cat

Today was a day given over to crochet, and I worked to stay focused on finishing projects that have taken up residence in my cubbies.

I started my crochet day by devoting 90 minutes to working on granny squares for the Quadrant Blanket revisited, and while I made measurable progress, my goal for today was to finish a crochet kitten I began over a year ago:

A future crocheted cat

In an effort to get this piece finished before another year passed, I tracked down the pattern at MarmaladeRose, and found these directions, just as they were when I first saw them.

I gathered together my scissors, various scraps of yarn, my beloved (and ever-present) Clover bent-tipped needles and got to work.

The first order of business was joining the sides of the head and giving the kitten/cat to be some facial features. Using just worsted weight yarn and my lucky Clover needles, I created eyes and a nose:

The head of the kitten begins to take shape

Having gotten the facial features done to my satisfaction, I then moved on to the body. While I did not pick the absolute best sequence of steps for joining and stuffing, eventually, I got the job done:

A top view of the body of Dot the cat
A side view of the body of Dot the cat

Then I took a brief break from working on the cat and, using some blue Kool-Aid (that is in one of the cubbies) I purchased the other day, I attempted to infuse a little more life into this yarn:

The yarn before dyeing

Forty-five minutes and three packs of Berry Blue Kool-Aid later, the yarn was transformed:

The same yarn after a Kool-Aid bath

Happy with the new electric look of the yarn, I returned my attention to the cat and in short order all of the features were finished and all of the parts attached:

I finish work on a fierce new cat

Once the cat was put together, I took her outside for a romp, and she wasted no time getting into trouble. In this case she happened upon a package that was clearly marked for me:

The new cat gets into a package clearly addressed to me

I eventually wrested my new DOTS lunchbox from the cat, but only after promising to name her “Dot.”

Dot attempts to stake a claim to my new lunch box

Tomorrow is Bastille Day, and while I don’t know exactly what adventures await, I am looking forward to what the new day will bring.

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3 thoughts on “Day 11: I finish Dot the cat

  1. Her name is fitting. Where is her permanant house going to be? You might need to make her a cosy?

    The blue is definitely better, it pops right out at you, I can’t wait to see what you make with it.

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