Day 10: The second major challenge

As I mentioned yesterday, I face two major challenges in organizing my crochet empire the first being storage, and the second being completing unfinished objects (aka UFOs).

Today, I made very modest progress on this second challenge.

Having determined that the Quadrant Blanket was delightful, but too small for my purposes, I decided to expand it to twelve squares. Today, using Red Heart Super Saver orchid, I finished the central portion of the sixth square:

The first seven-rounds of a 13-round granny square

and using these scraps of dark orchid yarn:

Red Heart Super Saver dark orchid yarn scraps

I began work on the remaining six rounds of the granny square while I sat and waited my turn in a slow moving line. I managed to use all of the scraps that I had brought with me:

Square six of the revised Quadrant Blanket

When I was a child, one of my favorite books was Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson.

I loved this book for two reasons.

First my favorite color was purple.

Second, I too wanted a crayon like Harold’s; one that I could use to seamlessly transport me from my actual life, to a life that I could imagine with all of the adventures a girl could want.

I was reminded of this today as I worked on the sixth square of the revised Quadrant Blanket, a tail of purple yarn twisting and traveling like the line of Harold’s purple crayon.

I don’t know what adventures this blanket will bestow upon me, but I do know that with each stitch, I move forward on a journey I cannot even begin to anticipate.

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4 thoughts on “Day 10: The second major challenge

  1. I love this blanket, for the simplicity of it. Can’t wait to see the other colours that you choose.

    1. Ends used to drive me crazy, but then I started using the Clover bent-tip yarn needles, and they are so wonderfully engineered, that they just aren’t as onerous. I cannot recommend the Clover needles too highly. They changed my outlook completely.

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