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I live in a household that consists of two early adopters, a dog, a cat, and me, a reluctant adopter.

While I love what technology allows me to do (say write a blog about my favorite topic, crochet, and share it with the world), I am not always quick to embrace the technology that makes it possible.

Case in point: my first Kindle was a first generation hand-me-down that I then tricked out with crochet:

I continue to trick out my Kindle

I have since passed that Kindle along to another reader, and now have this second generation Kindle which I have yet to decorate:

My unadored Kindle

Recently I learned that has a program called Blogs on Kindle which allows for blogs to be “auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle and updated throughout the day so you can stay current.”

I mentioned this to one of the early adopters in my household, and before I knew it, he had done whatever it was that needed to be done to make my blog available from Blogs on Kindle. What follows is a series of photos that demonstrate the general appearance of my blog posts on a Kindle.

A list of available blog posts through Blogs on Kindle
You learn something new every day from July 3, 2012
Page 2 of the blog post “You learn something new every day”
Page 3 of the blog post “You learn something new every day”
Last page of the post: You learn something new every day

There are two drawbacks to having my blog delivered this way: First, there is a cost of $0.99 per month after the free trial, and second, at this time, Blogs on Kindle is only available for the Kindles using e-ink, so my blog post will not appear in all of it’s colorful glory, but at least you know you’ll never miss a blog post, and once it downloads you read it wherever you and your Kindle are.

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