Crochet I(n)R(eal)L(ife)

In real life, this is how far I got with my state fair project today:

crochet hilbert curve
The first seven rows of my 2010 NC State Fair project

A more detailed view looks like this:

crochet hilbert curve
Detail of the first seven rows of my 2010 NC State Fair project

In my fantasy crochet life, I finished row seven on Tuesday; however, reality intruded on my fantasy, and I did not get row seven assembled and attached until today. While my fantasy crochet life is a testament to the depth and breadth of my imagination, it does not a finished project make.

Viewing this photo of my project testing the waters as a car cozy:

crochet hilbert curve
The afghan aspires to be a car cozy

it is clear that this project, like me, seems to have aspirations that exceed its boundaries:

crochet hilbert curve
Seven rows the long view

Now that row seven is finished it is time to once again take the long view and look toward tackling row eight.

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