Comfort crochet

When I got up this morning, I had no clear plan for my crochet.

The weather forecast described a clear, autumn day with a touch of lingering warmth of summer: perfect weather for crocheting en plein air while doing whatever laundry needed doing; but what, I fretted, would I crochet?

I have any number of unfinished projects to choose from, and while none of them held any appeal, I was loathe to begin work on anything new.

I wanted something familiar, something appealing, something elegant in its simplicity so that I could crochet on autopilot, leaving my mind free to wander and take in the scenery while I enjoyed the autumn breezes.

After far more thought than I usually give to such things, I settled on adding more Nana Squares to my collection.

My original collection of Nana Squares

The brainchild of Michelle Kludas, these squares had caught my eye late last spring while I was surveying the many projects at Ravelry.

In early July, using this pattern, my trusty 5.0mm hook, and my beloved Red Heart Super Saver yarn, I crocheted my first Nana Squares.

I found the experience to be both satisfying and sublime, so today, while I was trying to figure out what project went well with what could be the last warm day of autumn, I recalled the success of my early summer crochet experience with this design, and decided that I would revisit it with a different set of colors that better coordinated with the autumn landscape.

My afternoon of crochet was punctuated with two loads of laundry, a trumpet lesson, and a brief detour to work on a design of my own that came to me as I worked on one of this afternoon’s Nana Squares, but right before I sat down to eat dinner, I had finished seven new Nana Squares in a more autumnal palette seen here in a grid-like arrangement:

Some new Nana Squares

and seen here arranged in an arc:

A rainbow of Nana Squares

Today I learned that the Nana Square is not just for summer; it is also the perfect project to while away an autumn afternoon.

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  1. They say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (or something like that). If that’s so, then, based on the colors of your squares, your finished project will be fabulous!

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