Christmas Eve eve

Today was the second day of my son’s winter break from school, and with must two shopping days left until Christmas, our scheduled activities for the day began with late morning trumpet lesson.

After looking over the projects that had accumulated on my kitchen counter over the week, I decided that my most portable project at the moment is Maggy Ramsay’s “Textured Squares Afghan.”

Because of the size of the motif (what I term the small textured square) that forms the backbone of this design, and because the project is worked in one color, it is eminently portable, so while my son got his trumpet and trumpet music packed up and ready for the day’s lesson, I grabbed my set of Etimo crochet hooks, a skein of Red Heart Super Saver aran, and headed out the door.

One hour later I left the trumpet teacher’s house having completed the four squares seen here:

What I crocheted at today's trumpet lesson

From the trumpet teacher’s house, we ventured out to our other errands, and eventually stopped by my mom’s long enough to say “boo” before heading out to the next thing.

When we got home we had been gone almost five hours, and I knew that if I were going to get any photos, I needed to get busy, because while the today was longer than yesterday, it wasn’t that much longer.

With my 4.5 mm hook and large Clover bent-tipped yarn needle, I assembled the small textured squares I had made over the past couple of days, wove in the ends, and began the process of joining them.

Here are the squares that were in need of assembly assembled and on their way to becoming a large square:

Piecing together the accumulated small squares into medium squares

and here they are with the already completed large square:

The large textured square and the next large textured square-to-be

While tomorrow and Sunday will not have the balmy (for December) temperatures of today, it looks as though the closest I will get to “white Christmas” this year will be if I crochet it myself.

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