Celebrating International Crochet Day

I celebrated International Crochet Day on two fronts this year.

I began the day with cup of coffee and the purchase of the pink. handspun alpaca-merino blend yarn that had caught my eye when I went to visit the Circle B Alpacas:

cute alpaca
A gratuitously cute photo of an alpaca

When this yarn arrives I am going to photograph it, and then get out my L hook and the pattern for the hat worn by the tiger in this photo:

nubby crochet brimmed hat
Max’s tiger, Hobbes, wearing the Nubby Crochet Brimmed Hat

and get to work.

Once the yarn was ordered, I finished my coffee, got a few household chores out of the way, and then once again turned my attention to the project that will not let me rest: my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project.

My most recent efforts have been focused on what I term: Bauhaus Quilt Block III, and today, I continued making pieces and then joining them to make this motif:

bauhaus block crochet square
A second Bauhaus Quilt Block crochet motif III

Shortly before dinner, I had joined the pieces to the Bauhaus quilt blocks seen here:

crochet quilt design
I continue work on my 2011 North Carolina State Fair crochet project

While I am finding that the huge tangle of pieces I have already made a bit overwhelming at times, I am hopeful that tomorrow, I will be able to summon all of the joining mojo the universe has to offer and convert more of the tangle into finished quilt blocks.

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  1. I love the progression shots. Out of ignorance what is apalca like? I keep hearing about it, but have never had the chance to sample any to get an idea of texture. There is a farm not too far from here that raises them and I have hear rumors that they are selling yarn. I just really know nothing about it.

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