At the corner of Don Gaspar and San Francisco

Planning family vacations in my house is tricky.

With three schedules to coordinate, it is not as straight forward as it once was, but occasionally, our schedules converge and we are able to achieve escape velocity.

This past week was one of those rare occasions when our schedules aligned, and we were able to get away to the drier climes of New Mexico. Not only was the weather delightful and the scenery spectacular, but on a quick tour of Santa Fe, I stumbled upon some crochet.

We had begun the day’s adventure at the Kakawa Chocolate House where we fortified ourselves with hot chocolate with a healthy dollop of whipped cream:

crochetbug, hot chocolate, kakawa chocolate house, santa fe, new mexico
A cup of hot chocolate

Ready for adventure, we made our way to the historic Santa Fe Plaza and after lunch and a museum, we found ourselves where Don Gaspar Avenue runs into East San Francisco Street, directly across from Houshang’s Gallery.

Nestled in what once served as a covered entrance to a building was a vendor with a remarkable array of handmade made items, not the least of which was this selection of crochet bags:

crochetbug, crochet bag, crochet tote, santa fe plaza, santa fe, new mexico
An assortment of crochet bags in Santa Fe, New Mexico

as well as these mandala-esque crochet coin purses:

crochetbug, crochet circles, crochet coin purses, circular crochet coin purses, santa fe plaza, santa fe, new mexico
Circular crochet coin purses

In addition to crochet items there were these granddaughter worthy embroidered dresses:

crochetbug, embroidered dresses, embroidery, dresses for girls
Embroidered dresses for girls

and these hand sewn Kachina dolls which I loved for their color exuberance:

crochetbug, Handmade Kachina dolls, Santa Fe Plaza, New Mexico
Handmade Kachina dolls, Santa Fe Plaza

Once I had documented much of the vendor’s colorful wares, it was time to leave Santa Fe, which we did, by way of George R. R. Martin (of Game of Throne’s fame) Jean Cocteau Cinema and Coffee House:

crochetbug, Jean Cocteau Cinema and Coffee House, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Jean Cocteau Cinema and Coffee House, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Unfortunately for me, neither the Cinema or the Coffee House was open at the time, so instead of a cappuccino, I got this one last photo of a nearby train engine before we left town:

Train engine, Santa Fe, New Mexico, crochetbug
Train engine, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I don’t know where this particular visual adventure will lead me, but I have no doubt that at some point I will revisit it with hook in hand, and learn something I did not know I needed to learn.